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The Schubin Chronicles

Mark Schubin, well-known television engineer, historian & journalist, has been writing a daily report from New York following the terrorist attacks on September 11.  Mark's writings struck a chord with many who saw them, and there were frequent requests for a "complete set".   Mark has kindly allowed me to reproduce these reports on this site.  Just click on the link below.

Mark suggested that his report of October 12 should be the last.  There were many voices (including mine) requesting that he continue.   The new series of reports The Schubin Chronicles started on October 17, and I will post them here every few days.

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Video Compression Demystified

Books on Video Compression by Peter Symes

This web site is run by Peter Symes and is intended mainly to provide updates and additional information for my books. The site is (always) under construction, so please check back from time to time for new information.

My first book, Video Compression, was published by McGraw-Hill in 1998.  This book is now superseded by Video Compression Demystified published December, 2000.   The new book contains all of the original material, updated where appropriate, plus seven additional chapters and a CD-ROM.

Read a review of Video Compression Demystified by David Wood of the European Broadcasting Union

Read reviews and comments on Video Compression

My new book, Video Compression Demystified is a superseding edition, also published  by McGraw-Hill.   It should be in bookstores now, or follow the links on this site to Amazon.com.

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